We Trust by Cristina de Middel

With only a few hundred years of history within the Modern Era the United States of America seem now to be facing the decay of their time as a model of civilization.

More significant than the predictible economic defeat against asian markets, the american way of life is no longer a miraculous recipee for succes and well- being.

I personnally belong to a generation that has grown surrounded by images, jingles and stories imported from the United States of as valuable cultural assets and now I see how all these models are starting to get rusty.

Documentary projects are normally expected to give a vision of reality with certain accuracy, but in this case it is almost impossible to remain imparcial and not to start working on one´s opinión at the basis.

I admit this is just a portrait of a nation built on my own disenchantment , which I guess is common in all of those who have grown up watching Hollywood movies and repeated themselves hundred times “Just do it” before facing a challenge.

North America put the man on the moon and the atomic bomb into practice. They started and finsihed wars. They can designate what is evil and what is good with a press conference from the White House and they can even fix the price of money. They own the records and the gold medals and they composed the original soundtrack of the last century.

They can make us dream with our potencial as modern citizens but also can make us be ashamed of being humans.

And all this just with only a few hundred years of history within the Modern Era.

We Trust by Cristina de Middel

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  • 20 pages
    18 photographs
    21×15 cm
    Photographs Cristina de Middel
    Edition Cristina de Middel and Olmo González Moriana
    Design Olmo González Moriana
    B/W photocopy machine
    Paper White, Red and Blue matte, photocopy standard