Ciudad Elegida (SIGNED)

Alberto Feijóo – Carlos Aguilera

Cristina De Middel – Ricardo Cases

Sebastián Liste – Vicente Paredes

(Curated by Ana Alarcón)




In 1967 the construction company Calpisa set out to build a large housing development in Alicante called Ciudad Elegida Juan XXIII between the Valencia and Villafranqueza highways. The housing development of that remote, desolate land, far from the city centre, which promised to be a dream-like residential area, and at one time did indeed become this, started at the end of the sixties and it was completed at the end of the seventies. 


Almost fifty years after the foundations of Ciudad Elegida were laid, six artists go back to their Ciudad (Des)elegida, namely the (Un)Chosen City, to tell us how they feel. Apart from their pictures, there is the history of a generation and a region that could have been completely sad but instead it has turned into a kind of hope where the tale ends with more moral to it than many classic stories. The social and political context in which we live, which is closely related to the images we have before us, makes this text good food for thought, for which a lot of bad language would be used; but the intelligence that brims over from each photograph means that it isn’t necessary. Not at all. “The illiterate of the future, will be ignorant not of reading or writing, but of photography” stated the philosopher Walter Benjamin at the beginning of the last century. Let’s look at this Ciudad and then we will not be. Not us.


The catalogue includes unpublished work of six photographers, all born in the province of Alicante, with great national and international impact. The exhibition presents 5 photographic series depicting visions of their homeland, from different points of view, Chosen City by Cristina de Middel, Absent Oriolanos by Vicente Paredes and Ricardo Cases, The refuge. All the way back home by Sebastian Liste, Shoot and Fail by Alberto Feijóo and The General by Carlos Aguilera.

Ciudad Elegida (SIGNED)

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  • Catalog of the exhibition Ciudad Elegida at Mustang Art Gallery in 2015

    Authors: Alberto Feijóo, Carlos Aguilera, Cristina De Middel, Ricardo Cases, Sebastián Liste, Vicente Paredes.

    Texts: ana alarcón, Rafael doctor, Luís López Navarro


    Language: English/Spanish

    Date of publication: 04/2015

    Production: Fundación de la C.V. Pascual Ros Aguilar

    Pages: 68 

    Size: 21x15 cm

    Binding: Paperback

    Collection: Mustang Art gallery

    Translation: Nick Coopey

    Design: Demokratica

    Printing: Quinta impresión

    ISBN: 978-84-606-6855-8

    SIGNED by Cristina de Middel