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Jun 22, 2018

We have new book and we´re going to Arles!


We will present our new book by Cristina de Middel and Bruno Morais in Les Rencontres d´Arles, with an exhibition

and our stand at Cosmos. Come and say hello! And we launched a new website, just in time!!


Midnight at the Crossroads by Cristina de Middel and Bruno Morais

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New website! S A L E BOOKS!!

We launch a new bookstore, with New Books, Rare Books and Sale Books, and a new crazy section called FORUM, where you can post anything about photobooks, to know our news, and to meet book lovers around the globe. We are starting right now, we don't know where we go with this experiment, maybe directly to the psychotherapist...


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    Mar 1

    Dear all,  After a few weeks of decompression and rethinking of this platform, its content, and reason to be, we are finally back on track. Self-publishing is a quite demanding activity and we felt for some time that we had lost control of a situation that was meant to be fun and also sustainable. After a lot of thinking we decided to continue mainly because this is the year of the pig and, whatever that means, it worked as the perfect excuse. You will soon see some changes on the website and its content, but the most important thing coming: NEW BOOKS . In July 16th 1969 the man (some say) took its first step on the moon, and to celebrate the greatest fake of all (Am I kidding?) and the timeless fascination humanity has always had for the earth´s satellite, we are doing,  A THIRD EDITION OF THE AFRONAUTS ( Signed , not signed  &  special edition  preorder available) . Can you hear the drums and trumpets in the background? We decided the books should be ready by July 16th 2019 (for historical reasons) and believe it´s one small step for us but a giant leap for the photobook world. This year we are also planning on the second edition of Midnight at the Crossroads , which literally flew off our hands without noticing it, and we think it is an important book that needs to be made available again.  The first edition was extremely complicated to produce and we are already working on a more accessible version for everyone.   But all this is the future. What about now? Why am I writing to you? Well, the reason is because our copies of Jungle Check are finally available! Signed by the great Kalev Ericksonand myself , and ready to ship!  It all started with a set of Polaroids that I found in a market in Mexico. I know, so many stories start like this lately… but still, we sort of figured out that the images had been taken on a very strange and random road trip near Tulum, so we went there to play with it and create a dialogue with the archive. Kalev Erickson and I spent almost 3 weeks in the jungle, fighting against all sorts of animals to make this book. We still have nightmares with Mama Scorpion giving birth to his hundred babies in a stormy night… you really need to check this book .  It is a very affordable book so if you really feel the urge to spend more money some special editions with a magnificent lenticular print will be made available also very soon. So, hey, after all these announcements I hope you can understand that we needed some time to put things in place and stop running like a headless chicken in the photobook beach. We appreciate your understanding, support and patience! HAPPY YEAR OF THE PIG TO EVERYONE!!!
  • This Book is True Photobooks
    Jul 26, 2018

    We have a problem with Midnight at the crossroads, Some books had a binding problem, and we had to repeat them. The good news is that we received them yesterday, the books are perfect and we will start shipping the presale. The bad news is that they can no longer be signed by Cristina and Bruno, because they are out of Spain until November. Therefore, we offer three options to everyone who has bought the book in presale: A. Receive the unsigned book now. B. Return the money from the book and the shipping. C. Wait until November for the return of Cristina and Bruno to Spain to get the signed books and shipping. The prints of the special edition are signed, but the books are not. We apologize for these inconveniences, the book is complicated to bind, but the problem only affected half of the total edition, the other books went without problem and were the copies that we took to Arles. To compensate those who ask for the unsigned book (option A), we will give you a free copy of Pony Congo and we will be eternally grateful. PLEASE: Answer with your chosen option to
  • This Book is True Photobooks
    Jun 28

    Midnight at the Crossroads by Cristina de Middel & Bruno Morais Trade edition (Red box): Pre Order online SOLD OUT Special Edition (Black box): Pre Order Online Available (few copies) Next stop with more books: Cosmos / Les Rencontres d'Arles See you there!!

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