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  • This Book is True is a publishing house?
    Yes, but not only. We have a bookstore too. We publish books sometimes, and we sold books from others publishing houses, but we preffer selfpublishing books. If you want to show your dummy to publish, you can, but we are publishing really few books.
  • You are the official publishing house of Cristina de Middel?
    This Book is True is property of Cristina de Middel. We publish and sell books by Cristina, but not only her books. We have published books of Vicente Paredes, Mariela Sancari, Adolfo Cordova and Alberto Lizaralde. We have sold books of many others authors too.
  • About distribution
    We can distribute your book, we are a bookstore, but we are really selective about the books we sold, send us your proposal by mail, of course. If you are a bookstore and you ask for any inquiry and retail discounts, you have info at our store policy, or you can contact us here.
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